Production Designer


Loose Women ITV

Paul O'Grady Olga 

Springwatch/AutumnWatch/WinterWatch BBC 

Lorraine ITV

Food Network Sweet TV

Sunday Side up/Sunday scoop ITV 

That Puppet Game show Hensons

Top Dog Sport Relief BBC

Ministry Of Curious Stuff CBBC

The Great British Bake Off 2013 Love production

Don Black/Tim Rice at the Festival Hall BBC 4

Stand Up for Sport Relief BBC

Justin's House CBeebies

Blue Peter BBC

Zing Zilla's CBeebies

Levels of Ludus Boom Picture

Trapped Ever After CBBC

Relic CBBC

Wallace & Gromit  BBC Learning/Aardman

Level Up CBBC

Thames Festival BBC Learning

Hacker Time CBBC

Blast Lab Games Designer September Films

Jackanory Junior CBeebies

TV on Trial BBC 4

Ext. to The Wright Stuff Princess Productions

Top of the Pops Reloaded BBC

Marks & Spencers Food Event 

NTL Commercials NTL

Taste Carlton

Nickelodean Nickelodeaon

Eastenders BBC



Art Director


Surprise Surprise ITV

House of Fools BBC 

Eastenders BBC

Blue Peter BBC


Comic Relief BBC 

The Lottery Endemol

Soap Awards Cactus TV 

Parkinson BBC

One Foot In The Grave BBC

Top of the Pops BBC

Record of the Year LWT 

The Olivier Awards BBC

Survivor studio set Planet 24 

T4 Channel 4

An Audience with Kylie Minogue LWT

The Royal Variety BBC

Richard & Judy Channel 4

Top Gear BBC

The Kumars at no ;42 Series 6 BBC Comedy

Dead Ringers BBC Comedy

Crimewatch BBC

Child of our time BBC

Johnathan Ross BBC

Grahem Norton So tv

Worst Witch  Global Arts 

Real Women  BBC Drama

Audience with Diana Ross LWT 

Don't Try This at Home LWT 

Pobol y cwm BBC Wales